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    Detachable plate heat exchanger

    Food grade plate heat exchanger

    Product introduction
           Food grade plate heat exchanger is our company's products for the food, beverage, biological, pharmaceutical industry, and in line with industry standards, easy maintenance and high level of hygiene. The frame is covered with 304 thin plates (all stainless steel), and the screws, guide rods, nozzles, flanges, nuts, etc. are made of stainless steel. The gaskets are all padded structures.

           Food & Beverage:milk, soy milk, raw juice, fruit puree, carbonated juice, syrup, juice concentrate, thin juice, yellow wine, soy sauce, monosodium glutamate, edible oil, vinegar, beer, etc. heating, cooling, pasteurization.
           Biomedicine: Liquids 
           Our food grade plate heat exchangers are manufactured for applications with stringent hygiene requirements, each designed to meet your specifications and to provide you with a product that meets your standards. .

    Product Description
           Multi-segment design for apps
           Food grade plate heat exchangers can also be used as a multi-stage solution that combines multiple heat exchangers into a single installation separated by an intermediate baffle.
           Features and Benefits
           1, Heat exchanger solutions that meet the strict hygiene requirements of the industry, in line with industry standards.
           2, For quick and trouble-free inspection, maintenance or cleaning, including cleaning (CIP), easy to use stainless steel or all stainless steel frame.
           3, Cost savings.

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