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    POSITION:HOME > PRODUCT >Plate heat exchanger spare parts

    Plate heat exchanger spare parts

    Plate heat exchanger plate

           Jiangsu Bink products can replace the plate with the original product  Our company can provide a variety of brands and a variety of plate heat exchanger accessories widely used in Alfa Lava, APV, TRANTER, Sondex , GEA, Vicarb, Funke, Sigma, Secespol and other well-known brand heat exchanger products can also provide accessories for plate heat exchanger equipment produced at home and abroad and can meet the different needs of customers.
    Slab material Fit to fluid
    Stainless steel (sus304, 316L) Clean water, river water, edible oil, mineral oil
    Titanium and Titanium Palladium (Ti, Ti-Pd) Seawater, salt water, salinity
    20Cr, 18Ni, SMO Dilute sulfuric acid, sparse salt solution aqueous solution, inorganic aqueous solution
    Nickel (Ni) High temperature, high concentration of alkaline sodium
    HASTEKKOY alloy (C276, D205) Concentrated sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, phosphoric acid

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