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    Detachable plate heat exchanger

    Removable plate heat exchanger

    Product description
    The plate heat exchanger is a new type of high efficiency heat exchanger which is assembled by a series of metal sheets with a certain corrugated shape. A thin rectangular channel is formed between the various sheets, and heat is exchanged through the sheets. Plate heat exchangers are ideal for liquid-liquid, liquid-vapor exchange. The utility model has the advantages of high heat exchange efficiency, small heat loss, compact and light structure, small occupied area, convenient installation and cleaning, wide application and long service life. In the case of the same pressure loss, the heat transfer coefficient ratio tube heat exchanger is 3-5 times higher, and the floor space is one-third of the tube heat exchanger, and the heat recovery rate is high.
    Structure type
    Tightening the bolt system for easy maintenance
    The clamping bolt system consists of a bearing box system, a bolt and a locking system. The bearing housing system allows the bolts to be quickly and accurately seated and easily tightened, and the locking system prevents the bolts from rotating when tightened. All bolts are rolled and coated with anti-corrosion materials and lubricating oil, plastic cover with outer cover, heavy hex nuts make the whole disassembly process easy, and all clamping bolts can be removed and installed from the side for easy disassembly, clamping bolts The design is easy to disassemble.

    Accurate multi-point positioning system for easy maintenance
    The detachable plate heat exchanger uses an accurate multi-point positioning system. The four-corner positioning system with a corner hole diameter of 100mm or less allows the upper and lower guide rods to be precisely fitted together. The five-point positioning system of the angle hole direct release 150mm or more allows the positioning of the plate to be determined by a plurality of metal-to-metal contact points, wherein the contact point of the upper guide bar prevents the plate from moving up and down, and the lower guide bar contacts. The point can limit the movement of the sheet from left to right. The multi-point positioning technology allows the plate group to move back and forth without any resistance on the guide bar. It is easy and simple to complete the maintenance work, and the plate can be properly assembled during the reassembly, so that the gasket is sealed accurately. Poor, the plate group reached a full reset. This ensures that the life of the heat exchanger is long after disassembly and assembly. Moreover, the plate heat exchanger with multi-point positioning system only needs one person. Even without any experience, the heat exchanger can be easily disassembled with a simple tool, which is unmatched by other plate heat exchanger products.

    Detachable plate heat exchanger product specification data sheet
    Product number Standard nozzle diameter Effective heat exchange area of the veneer Maximum number of packages Maximum flow Plate thickness Product height Product width Plate height Plate width Corner hole spacing Clamping size
    m3/h mm mm mm mm mm mm mm
    6-BK025D DN20 0.025m2 50 6 0.5/0.6 380 140 351 102 298*50 N*(2.5+X)
    6-BK032A DN32 0.94m2 320 15 0.5/0.6 790 190 739 125 668*60 N*(2.5+X)
    6-BK032D DN32 0.04m2 80 15 0.5/0.6 480 180 429 125 357*60 N*(2.5+X)
    6-BK050C DN50 0.11m2 80 36 0.5/0.6 737 245 643 193 553*100 N*(2.0+X)
    6-BK050D DN50 0.10m2 60 36 0.5/0.6 737 245 642 192 553*100 N*(3.0+X)
    6-BK050E DN50 0.19m2 280 36 0.5/0.6 920 320 747 248 640*140 N*(2.0+X)
    6-BK050G DN50 0.18m2 200 36 0.5/0.6 920 320 747 248 640*140 N*(3.0+X)
    6-BK050A DN50 0.33m2 280 36 0.5/0.6 1294 320 1148 248 1036*140 N*(2.0+X)
    6-BK065B DN65 0.15m2 140 60 0.5/0.6 704 400 506 329 380*203 N*(4.0+X)
    6-BK080C DN80 0.23m2 310 90 0.5/0.6 890 400 748 329 606*196 N*(2.0+X)
    6-BK080D DN80 0.21m2 200 90 0.5/0.6 890 400 748 329 606*196 N*(3.0+X)
    6-BK100E DN100 0.30m2 380 145 0.5/0.6 1084 470 871 371 719*225 N*(2.5+X)
    6-BK100G DN100 0.28m2 270 145 0.5/0.6 1084 470 871 371 719*225 N*(4.0+X)
    6-BK100A DN100 0.63m2 650 145 0.5/0.6 1881/1923 480 1499 371 1338*225 N*(2.0+X)
    6-BK100K DN100 0.63m2 460 145 0.5/0.6 1881/1923 480 1499 371 1338*225 N*(2.5+X)
    6-BK150E DN150 0.75m2 690 320 0.5/0.6 1815/1940 610/650 1498 498 1294*298 N*(2.5+X)
    6-BK150G DN150 0.75m2 410 320 0.5/0.6 1815/1940 610/650 1498 498 1294*298 N*(4.0+X)
    6-BK150A DN150 1.38m2 690 320 0.5/0.6 2752 610/637 2250 498 2035*288 N*(2.5+X)
    6-BK200C DN200 1.13m2 680 570 0.5/0.6 2105 780 1749 621 1478*353 N*(2.0+X)
    6-BK200D DN200 1.06m2 400 570 0.5/0.6 2105 780 1745 620 1478*353 N*(4.0+X)
    6-BK200K DN200 1.11m2 680 570 0.5/0.6 2165/2105 780 1749 621 1478*353 N*(3.0+X)
    6-BK200B DN200 0.45m2 290 570 0.5/0.6 1405 740 961 621 698*363 N*(4.0+X)
    6-BK250E DN250/DN200 1.88m2 940 890 0.5/0.6 2595/2895 920 2246 746 1939*439 N*(2.5+X)
    6-BK250G DN250/DN200 1.85m2 630 890 0.5/0.6 2595/2895 920 2246 746 1939*439 N*(4.0+X)
    6-BK300G DN300/DN350 2.30m2 720 1300 0.5/0.6 2882/3082 1150/1170 2245 995 1842*596 N*(3.3+X)
    6-BK350K DN300/DN350 2.32m2 910 1800 0.5/0.6 2875 1174 2757 998 2336*578 N*(3.3+X)
    6-BK350A DN350/DN300 2.70m2 1360 1800 0.5/0.6 3210 1154 2598 998 2177*578 N*(2.5+X)
    6-BK350B DN350/DN300 1.56m2 910 1800 0.5/0.6 2375 1174 2257 998 1433*578 N*(3.3+X)
    Remarks: 1. The above product data is for reference only. The accurate product data is subject to the product design book and product drawings issued by our company.
    2, the above products are the main product series of our company, our company can also provide other models of various models, please contact our technical department for consultation.
    Application area / occasion
    Suitable for steam/liquid conventional medium heat exchange, liquid/liquid conventional medium heat exchange, temperature less than 150 degrees Celsius, pressure less than 2.0 MPa for all applications.
    Plate heat exchangers have been widely used in metallurgy, mining, petroleum, chemical, electric power, medicine, food, chemical fiber, paper, textile, ship, heating, etc., can be used for heating, cooling, evaporation, condensation, sterilization, waste heat Recycling and other situations.
    Solar energy utilization industry: Participate in the heat exchange process of antifreeze liquid such as heat transfer medium in solar collector plates to achieve the purpose of utilizing solar energy.
    Chemical industry: manufacturing titanium oxide, alcohol fermentation, ammonia synthesis, resin synthesis, rubber production, cooling phosphoric acid, cooling formalin, alkali carbon industry, electrolytic alkali production.
    Steel industry: cooling quenching oil, cooling electroplating liquid, cooling reducer lubricating oil, cooling rolling mill, drawing machine coolant.
    Metallurgical industry: heating and cooling of aluminate mother liquor, cooling of sodium aluminate, cooling of aluminum alloy rolling mill lubricant.
    Mechanical manufacturing: various quenching liquid cooling, cooling presses, industrial machine oil, heating engine oil.
    Food industry: salt, dairy, soy sauce, vinegar sterilization, cooling, animal vegetable oil heating, cooling, beer production, beer, wort heating and cooling, sugar, gelatin concentration, sterilization cooling, manufacturing sodium glutamate.
    Textile industry: heat recovery of various waste liquids, cooling of boiling phosphating fibers, cooling of viscose liquid, cooling of acetic acid and acetic anhydride, cooling of aqueous alkali solution, heating and cooling of viscose.
    Paper industry: cooling black liquor, bleaching salt, heating of alkali liquor, cooling, heat recovery of cellophane waste liquid, heating and cooking acid, cooling sodium hydroxide aqueous solution, recovering waste paper of bleached paper, condensing of exhaust gas, preheating Concentrate pulp-like waste.
    Central heating: heating in waste heat districts of thermal power plants, heating of domestic water, heating of boilers.
    Oil industry: heating and cooling synthetic detergent, heating whale oil, cooling vegetable oil, cooling sodium hydroxide, cooling glycerin, emulsified oil.
    Power industry: generator shaft pump cooling, transformer oil cooling.
    Ship: diesel engine, central cooler, unloading water cooler, piston cooler, preheater, desalination system (including multi-stage and single-stage).
    Marine aquaculture seedling industry: supporting boilers to raise the temperature of seedlings to save coal, thereby saving energy and improving efficiency.
    Others: medicine, petroleum, building ceramics, glass, cement, geothermal utilization, etc.

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