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    Brazed plate heat exchanger is a heat storage body composed of solid matter

    Brazed plate heat exchanger is an energy-saving device that achieves heat transfer between materials at two or more fluids at different temperatures, allowing heat to be transferred from higher temperature fluids For lower temperature fluids, the fluid temperature reaches the process specified specifications to meet the needs of the process conditions, and is also one of the main equipment to improve energy efficiency. If there is water in the lower part of the other side, quickly check the wetness of the plate. There are many alluvial foreign bodies on the recirculating water side, which are mainly formed by flocculation, rot and water system packing fragments, which cause partial blockage of fluid passages between sheets. After loading the required number of plates of the plate heat exchanger, tighten the tie rod. The pressure used does not exceed 2 MPa. Food industry: juice sterilization cooling, animal and vegetable oil heating and cooling. New system inspection. The operating pressure is usually not more than 2 MPa and the operating temperature is not more than 250 °C.
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